"Assault Weapons" Bill Reintroduced
by Jennifer Freeman


The term "Assault Weapon" was invented by the gun-ban lobby and
refers to semi-automatic rifles that possess certain cosmetic features such as a
pistol grip, heat suppresser, or folding stock. These "assault weapons"
fire in exactly the same manner as other semi-automatic rifles,
in that they fire one round with each pulll of the trigger.
"Assault weapons" are not machine guns.

It is widely believed that the passage of the "assault weapons" ban in 1994 was the leading factor in what lead to a Republican majority in the House and Senate during the mid-term election that followed. In 2004, when the "assault weapons" ban was scheduled to sunset, there were clamors to renew the ban and make it permanent. Such efforts were defeated due to overwhelming awareness and concern about this issue on behalf of the American people.

Since the ban has been repealed, Americans are free to own whatever semi-automatic rifle they choose -- except in states that have a special statewide ban on such firearms. Despite doom and gloom projections to the contrary, there has not been an increase in firearm-related crime as a result of allowing law-abiding citizens to possess such firearms. Why then, has Representative Carolyn McCarthy from New York introduced a new bill that would again impose a ban on "assault weapons" [H.R. 1022]?

Why is Senator McCarthy so concerned about restricting the kinds of semi-automatic rifles that law-abiding citizens are allowed to own? People who obey the law and have not committed any crimes don't need special legislation. Banning inanimate objects does nothing to solve the social ills that causes certain people to violate the law and harm others. On the contrary, a firearm may be the only thing that prevents a criminal from harming a law-abiding citizen.

Senator McCarthy's bill to ban a selection of semi-automatic rifles (dubbed "assault weapons") just doesn't make any sense especially after the American people have overwhelming voiced their opposition to banning these rifles. Only time will tell whether Senator McCarthy will stand alone on this issue or whether the House and Senate will yet again impose firearm restrictions on people who don't commit crimes.

Don't let Senator McCarthy get away with this. Contact your Representative and voice your opposition today.


Jennifer Freeman is Executive Director and co-founder of Liberty Belles, a grass-roots organization dedicated to restoring and preserving the Second Amendment.




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