Saving the 2nd
A National Effort
by Jennifer Freeman


When politicians are sworn into office, they are sworn to uphold the United Stated Constitution. Many politicians do not uphold their oath, in these modern times, however. And, as a general populous, our expectations of politicians have been reduced to hopes. We cast our vote at the ballot box and keep our fingers crossed, hoping that we made the right choice. Many of us don't even try that hard, preferring to abstain from the electoral process altogether.

How can we, as citizens, expect our politicians to behave in a manner worthy of the U.S. Constitution if we do not even hold ourselves to such standards?

Don't we have an obligation to vote for the candidate most likely to uphold the Constitution, regardless of whether or not we think s/he can win? Do we not also have an obligation to speak up on issues like the Second Amendment, regardless of whether or not we think we can change minds? Are we not obligated to support our fellow brothers and sisters, our fellow patriots, who have worked so hard to make a positive change for this country by supporting the Second Amendment? Case in point: Silveira vs. Lockyer and the variety of pro-Second Amendment legislation that is being put forth for us.

Gun owners have been begging for years for someone to take the Second Amendment to the U.S. Supreme Court and resolve this issue once and for all. Well, the case has been presented and it may very well be accepted and heard by SCOTUS. But it will take more than just being right to win this case. It will take money to prepare and present the case. Our fellow patriots are doing all of the work and taking all of the risks. All we have to do is write a check.

A few of our legislators have drafted federal bills that could save our Second Amendment rights at a national level. Again, our fellow patriots in the legislature are doing all of the hard work and taking all of the risks. All we have to do is support and promote such legislation.

In both cases we have everything to lose by not acting and everything to gain if we win.

It was John Jacob Astor who coined the phrase, "If you want something done right, do it yourself." Putting the Second Amendment first must be a national priority at the household level. If you are not willing to do something to support your rights, why should your neighbor do anything either? If all of us were making the phone calls and putting the money where are liberties are, our Second Amendment rights would not be in such jeopardy. It is obvious, therefore, that many people are seeking comfort in the idea that someone else will send the postcard and someone else will write the check. But it isn't happening.

This results in yet another excuse. That being the apathetic, "Nothing I do will make a difference. The Constitution is dead. Our rights are already gone."

Baloney! The U.S. Constitution is alive and worth fighting for! The Second Amendment can be restored, but only if each of us works at an individual level. And that means sacrifice.

Let's face it. You work hard all week. You're a very busy person. You pay more than your fair share of taxes. And when the week is done, you want to do something for you. Go to dinner, see a movie, and enjoy some time with those close to you. No one would argue that you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor during what little free time you have.

The work week does not end at 5:00 on Friday, however. The work does not end until we have made our contribution to save our rights. Saving our rights, your rights, is something that you do for yourself and for your loved ones. It is also a way to repay a debt that has been laid in blood by our founding fathers and generations after them. It is our way of upholding the U.S. Constitution. And we have a responsibility to behave in a manner worthy of our liberties.




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