Alacia's First Hunt
by Alacia C.


My dad woke me up early on Sunday Morning, the last day of the season. We had packed the pickup the night before and both my brother and I were excited to get going. The plan for the day was to hunt early and then come back to town by 10:00 a.m. so we could go to church with my mom and other sister, then grab lunch and head out again if I hadn't shot a deer.


I really liked the outdoors and enjoyed spending time with my dad. He had spent a lot of time during the summer making sure I could shoot and hit targets out to three hundred yards. That practice really helped me on this day.

I was really anxious because my best friend, Quinn, had shot her first buck on opening day and we had a little competition going. In my class there were more girls then boys who tagged their first buck this year and we still love to tease the boys about that.



We drove to a place that my dad knew about and we only had about two hours of daylight left to hunt. We glassed and glassed and finally we spotted a buck on a hillside about 600 yards away. We snuck up on him and he continued to feed. It was cool to watch him through my dad's spotting scope. My dad said this is as close as we can get so I laid down and got my crosshairs where I wanted them and then asked my dad to tell me how far the buck was.
When I pulled the trigger all I could hear was my dad yelling, "You got him, you got him!!!" Then he hugged me and I was like what is the big deal but didn't say anything. When we got up to the buck I couldn't quit smiling.
After I learned how to field dress the buck my dad said I had to help pack him back to the truck using the deer cart.

I can't wait until this fall to do it again.






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